Big Co-op Conversations on the horizon

Big Co-op Conversation #6: CRG Energy Symposium

The Co-operatives Research Group (CRG) of the University of Sydney is to hold an energy symposium on September 3, to discuss the role of co-operatives in energy and sustainability. The event will explore the role that co-operatives can play in energy generation.

The featured keynote speaker is Pier Angelo Mori, a Professor of Economics at the University of Florence and leading expert on power co-operatives. Issues discussed will include current technology and the application of the co-operative model to the energy industry.

Presentations will include one on Hepburn Wind, Australia's first co-operatively owned and managed wind farm, which powers over 2,300 homes.

When: Monday, 3 September 2012. Registration 9.15am

Where: The Women's College, The University of Sydney

Registration form and programme

Big Co-op Conversation #5: Next Generation Capitalism

Next Generation Capitalism – profit, people, planet, will bring together leading thinkers and practitioners to discuss business and economics that work for community value. The forum is being offered as a free event as part of the 2012 International Year of Co-operatives.

The forum will be hosted by Michael Short from Fairfax's The Zone, with panel discussion seeking to engage the audience in exploring the notion of a next generation of capitalism.

At a time when 'pursuit of profit at any cost' business is on the nose around the world, Next Generation Capitalism advocates embracing a recreated version of capitalism that values people in its bottom line.

Forum panel members will include Melina Morrison, founding director of Social Business Australia, and social entrepreneur Danny Almagor.  

When: Tuesday, 7 August 2012 (6pm, food server at 7:30pm)

Where: BMW Edge, Federation Square, Cnr Swanston and Flinders Street, Melbourne

Registration form and programme



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Peter Russell-Clarke
Iconic TV chef and co-ops champion, Peter Russell-Clarke
"...because a lot of profit made from human effort is vanishing out of the local community where it is generated, we are becoming acutely aware that we need to join hands and protect each other by striving together to the benefit of our neighbours as well as our own family. We need to co-operate with each other - Bravo the co-operatives amongst you."

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