iCooperate is a global campaign for members of co-operatives to identify themselves and share their stories in the lead up to the International Day of Co-operatives (July 7) and beyond. 

Just as ants co-operate on a massive scale to the betterment of their communities, so do co-operatives work to the benefit of their members – making the ant a fitting mascot for co-operative business.

Ants are organized, work together and get the job done – all while providing for their communities.

There are several easy ways to get behind iCooperate and share your co-operative story…


Follow the Ants on twitter @iCooperate and simply post “I Co-operate because…”

Follow the Ants on twitter @iCooperateand simply post “I Co-operate because…”

Remember to use the #coops2012 tag.


Follow @icooperate and share your co-operative snaps using the tags #antlove and #coops2012. 

The most creative, quirky and inspiring images will feature on stories.coop ‘story of the day' www.stories.coop and www.2012.coop


Finally, if you are a Twitter user you can add the ant twibbon to your avatar – an identifying emblem for co-operatives everywhere! Add the twibbon here



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Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman, actor and supporter of IYC 2012
"...In 2012, I hope everyone comes to better understand the transforming power of co-operatives all over the world including Australia."

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