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National Co-operatives Fortnight asks co-ops to Open (the) Doors
23 May 2012
National Co-ops Fortnight runs September 10-24. Join in!
New co-operatives laws to cut costs and reduce red tape
10 May 2012
In a national first, the New South Wales Fair Trading Minister Anthony Roberts today welcomed the passage of legislation to empower co-operatives, slash red tape and reduce costs.
Co-operatives no longer in statistical Siberia
28 May 2012
Australian co-operatives have featured prominently in the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) 2012 Year Book, which was released last week at the National Library of Australia in Canberra.
Australia sends co-operative ‘thought leaders’ to Quebec Imagine Conference
24 May 2012
Australia will have several industry representatives at the Imagine 2012 Conference, an international conference on co-operative economics, in Quebec City, Canada, October 6-8.
Maleny Co-ops festival to mark National Co-operatives Fortnight
21 May 2012
Maleny Co-ops festival to mark National Co-operatives Fortnight.
Manufacturing hopes rest on union-supported co-operative ventures
Australian unions have endorsed the International Labour Organisation’s (ILO) support for co-operative operations, recognising the critical role they play in advancing the organisation’s Global Employment Agenda and promoting decent work.
Employee ownership: Interview with Sir Stuart Hampson
11 May 2012
Interview with Sir Stuart Hampson, a leading British retailer and a champion of the employee share ownership is in Australia to promote the idea.
Food Fight - documentary screening, 16 May 2012
6 May 2012
Food Fight… one Aussie town fights back. A digital documentary.
Co-operatives feature in ABS Year Book Australia
04 May 2012
The 2012 edition of the Australian Bureau of Statistics Year Book Australia reflects on the National Year of Reading, the Australian Year of the Farmer and the International Year of Co-operatives. This is an important moment for Australian co-operatives to take centre stage as a business model of scale deserving of statisical mapping.
Australian Greens lead Global Greens support for co-op business
04 May 2012
Green parties from around the world have shown their support for the co-operative model.



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"Over the years, I have seen the birth of many co-operatives. We choose the co-o
"We choose the co-operative structure because we want to have an equal say, we want to share the responsibility and we want to work together to improve our living conditions and our life chances..."

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