Food Fight - documentary screening, 16 May 2012

Food Fight…one Aussie town fights back.

Heading out of town on Winter Road, Girgarre. behind a jumble of pipes and tanks, is the sprawling former Heinz factory. Once this was a bustling centre of activity in the small Australian town. The car park was full three shifts a day, B-Doubles pulled in and out and its chimneys belched constant steam. Today it is silent and empty but for a couple of contractors somewhere inside stripping out machinery.

In late May 2011, Heinz Australia announced what it termed ''productivity initiatives to accelerate future growth''. Translated, that meant it was shifting production from plants in Girgarre, Brisbane and Wagga Wagga to New Zealand - 344 jobs would disappear, including all 146 positions at Girgarre. This film captures the effort to take over the plant from Heinz by a Community Co-operative.

A 23 minute documentary made by Johnny Flynn of Curious-Cinema. Production by Film, Books, Anything.

A digital documentary

When: 7.30pm, Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Where: Plaza Cinema, Kyabram

More information

Download What is the Australian Grown Food Cooperative? Adobe PDF

Read the ABC Country Hour Report

Download GV Co-operative – New Products for New Markets Media Release (16 May 2012) Adobe PDF "The GV Food Coop will be showcasing the first of its new products in Kyabram on May 16..."



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Bob Debus AM, Patron IYC 2012
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