Maleny Co-ops festival to mark National Co-operatives Fortnight

Maleny co-operatives will hold their ‘Co-ops4Change Fest’ this year during the National Co-operatives Fortnight, on September 22. The event will be held to recognise and support local co-operative businesses.

Maleny, situation 90km north of Brisbane, has a long history with co-operative businesses. Even today it is home to a large number of co-operatives, including art galleries, health food, organic produce stores, cafes, a co-op credit union and organic farming.

The ‘Co-ops4Change Fest’ will follow on from numerous ‘On the Couch’ events held in Maleny over the course of the year. The events involve discussion on topics such as; Re-thinking energy, share farming and community finance.

You can support Maleny Co-operatives by liking them on Facebook.

Maleny Qld

Image Source: Tourism Qld



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Bob Debus AM, Patron
Bob Debus AM, Patron IYC 2012
"People are looking for institutions they can trust. However [co-ops] strength is not only financial, it is ethical. Co-operatives are social businesses."

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