Maleny Co-ops festival to mark National Co-operatives Fortnight

Maleny co-operatives will hold their ‘Co-ops4Change Fest’ this year during the National Co-operatives Fortnight, on September 22. The event will be held to recognise and support local co-operative businesses.

Maleny, situation 90km north of Brisbane, has a long history with co-operative businesses. Even today it is home to a large number of co-operatives, including art galleries, health food, organic produce stores, cafes, a co-op credit union and organic farming.

The ‘Co-ops4Change Fest’ will follow on from numerous ‘On the Couch’ events held in Maleny over the course of the year. The events involve discussion on topics such as; Re-thinking energy, share farming and community finance.

You can support Maleny Co-operatives by liking them on Facebook.

Maleny Qld

Image Source: Tourism Qld



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Joyce Clague MBE
"Over the years, I have seen the birth of many co-operatives. We choose the co-o
"We choose the co-operative structure because we want to have an equal say, we want to share the responsibility and we want to work together to improve our living conditions and our life chances..."

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