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Twelve countries to co-operate on 12 January 2012?
19 November
Now the United Nations has launched the International Year of Co-operatives, how can co-operatives at the national level launch their own plans? One idea that is gathering support started in Canada, with the proposal to run a media launch on January 12th 2012. Whether by issuing a press release or by organising an event, other countries are now being invited to join in, to create a co-operative launch day that rolls across the world.
Global 300 report shows operational and bureaucratic challenges face co-ops
19 November 2011
Co-operatives contribute $US1.6 trillion in revenues to the global economy, yet challenges are being faced in terms of banking regulation, commodities price hikes and speculation, as well as climate change, says a new report released as part of the official launch of the International Year of Co-operatives at the United Nations’ headquarters in New York.
Co-operative sector must grasp its potence, Desjardins' Leroux
19 November 2011
Co-operatives need to better impose their legitimacy on the world stage, according to Desjardins’ President and Chief Executive Officer Monique Leroux.
IYC the moment the co-op community got its act together?
19 November 2011
The Co-operative Group aims to be the most sustainable business in the UK by 2020 paving the way for others to follow, according to its Chief Executive Peter Marks.
Exquisite Co-operative Body revealed as the Official International Poster for IYC 2012
19 November 2011
International Co-operative Alliance Director-General, Charles Gould announces winners of poster competition on the second sitting of the General Assembly. Collage-No, a co-operative design agency based in Valencia, Spain are the winning designers of the ICA’s IYC Poster Competition and walk away with USD 3500 prize money.
UN International Year should bring attention to the co-operative movement's robust and competitively advantageous business model
19 November 2011
The International Year of Co-operatives should be used by the global co-operative movement to drive home the seriousness of the co-operative business model by elevating the form to equal standing with the stock holder model, says Dame Pauline Green, President of the International Co-operative Alliance.
Calling all would-be journalists, bloggers and tweeters
20 November 2011
The Global News Hub - the online news site tasked with being the publication of record at the ICA's General Assembly - is calling delegates to action.
ICA Expo is key to the official closing of the IYC
22 November 2011
We want to leave 2012 with a blueprint in hand for 2020, writes ICA Director-General Chuck Gould.
UN Launch Special
01 November 2011
Missed out on New York? Watch these UN webcasts filmed in the UN on 31 October.
What Makes Co-ops Great?
01 November 2011
International Year of Co-operatives Video Clip



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