September 2011

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Invitation to the Global launch of IYC 2012
1 September 2011
Co-operatives and their organisations are invited to attend the United Nations launch of the International Year of Co-operatives (IYC) on 31 October 2011 during the plenary meeting of the 66th UN General Assembly at UN Headquarters in New York (USA).
Social Media Team Put in Place for IYC 2012
27 September 2011
Eric DeLuca, Program Manager for International Year of Cooperatives at NCBA in the US, is developing a social media strategy powered by a multi-organizational team of track-record social media leaders from US co-operatives.
Co-operation and Mutuality in the International Year of Co-operatives
27 September 2011
Co-operators channel the value added from the business to themselves rather than to investor-owners or to 'middlemen'.
Commemorative Postage Stamps in 2012: A Guide
27 September 2011
The modern co-operative model had its genesis in Britain, but the co-operative cause has been fully embraced in Australia in 2012 where plans have been approved for a commemorative coin and stamp celebrating UN International Year of Co-operatives 2012.



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Peter Russell-Clarke
Iconic TV chef and co-ops champion, Peter Russell-Clarke
"...because a lot of profit made from human effort is vanishing out of the local community where it is generated, we are becoming acutely aware that we need to join hands and protect each other by striving together to the benefit of our neighbours as well as our own family. We need to co-operate with each other - Bravo the co-operatives amongst you."

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